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Executive Summary of 2023 changes
  1. The rules are both based on how we currently really run a trial and also how we believe our trials should be run based on the type of club we want to be.

  2. The Rules subcommittee was tasked with combining the PST and PNTA rules so that PST did not need to refer to 2 documents for the rules governing the execution of a trial

  3. When combining the PST and PNTA rules the rules were primarily copied from the NATC rather than PNTA for the following reasons.

    1. It was found that the PNTA rules were primarily based on the NATC rules but were reformatted from numbered statements (NATC format) to paragraph form. This form is very difficult to maintain, comment on and check for redundancy. 

    2. The PNTA rules also made the statement that “This is in summary only. Observers should refer to the official FIM rules for details.” Indicating that another document may need to be referenced. 

    3. The PNTA rules also had specific information related to the running of trials that was specific to events put on by a number of different clubs.

  4. Information that was redundant in the Rules and Bylaws was removed from the Rules

  5. Penalties for infractions were reduced or removed compared to NATC/PNTA and other loosening from strict NATC rules were made.

  6. Allowing “wheels in” setup crew to participate in the trial.

  7. The passed rules document refers to the competition classes with the adoped new names. 

    1. Intermediate B is changed to Amateur

    2. Intermediate A is changed to Intermediate

    3. Sr. Intermediate is changed to Clubman

  8. Expert Support rides Advanced or Expert in a section based on a sign at the Start of the section

  9. For the championship a specific number of counted events based on the number of events for the season rather than it being decided each season

  10. An additional way of calculating the trials marshals points was added based on fractional place which is more fair for low attendance trials.

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