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Little Wheels (LW) is a competitive trials class for riders up to 15-years-old from beginner to pre-novice class. Points acquired at each event are tallied toward an annual overall points championship for the Puget Sound Trialers (PST); some events also qualify toward the annual points championship for the Northwest Motorcycle Association (NMA).


Little Wheels has two classes:

LW A Class – Experienced young riders that are preparing for Novice Class but would not be considered beginners: Electric or gas-powered small wheel motorcycles only

LW B Class – Beginning riders: All small wheel bikes welcome including run bicycles, riders must be able to ride self-sufficiently, no training wheels allowed

One minder per rider is welcome to accompany their rider in either class.


The top 3 finishers for each class at each event will receive an award.


Parents should choose the class they feel is most appropriate for their rider. Riders may not switch classes mid-event. Riders may promote from B Class to A Class at any time during the season. A Class and B Class have their own series points championships. If a rider promotes from B Class to A Class mid-season, points do not transfer but will be counted for the class in which they were earned. PST and NMA memberships are encouraged for event participation and required for the points championship.


Hard Start Time


Little Wheels kick off the Trial! The other classes do not start for the day until Little Wheels has finished. Due to this we have a limited time to complete our trial. Registration to compete in Little Wheels is cut off 5 minutes before the posted start time. Kids who register after the cut off may participate as Sportsmen. These riders will be scored on the portion of the trial that they are present for. These points will not count toward the event nor the overall series points championship. Late registrants must check in with the Little Wheels Trials Marshall for instructions upon completing registration.




Required: Helmets, pants, and closed toed shoes

Strongly Recommended: Pads, boots, and gloves


Basic Information


Each Trial will consist of 5 sections. The riders will have 3 rides through each section. Rides are scored with standard Trials scoring: 0: Clean ride with no points acquired, 1 Point: A single dab (foot touching the ground), 2 Points: Two dabs, 3 Points: Three or more dabs, 5 Points: A crash (handlebar touching the ground) or a wheel going through the course tape. Points are tallied for each rider’s final score.

Red, blue, and white tape mark a course: Red on right, blue on left, white denotes the splitting of A Line and B Line. Arrows will point to the B Line. The white tape will count as the boundary for points acquisition for the given line.

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