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New riders can contact any of the officers below and they will be sure to help you out or fill out the contact form at the bottom of this page! Also most of these riders are at most club events and can help get you started in the right direction. 

PST board Officers

brian jones - pst president

I had a long journey to finding trials. I have loved bicycles since I was a kid which naturally led to a love of motorcycles, but growing up in the same house as an ER nurse they were out of the question as a kid. I started riding motorcycles at the age of 26. First it was adventure bikes, which were fun on the road and really heavy bikes off pavement, that was way too much work. I got smarter and moved to lighter weight dual sports (I really miss my 1999 DR350SE such a unicorn of a bike. They don’t make them like that anymore). One day I made the mistake of riding a friends Montesa 4rt. At the time I was learning to trail ride my DR. I soon realized that was a mistake. I also learned to never test ride anything you can’t afford cause you’re going to want it. Needless to say I’ve been on a trials bike ever since. A decade later I’m very active with PST and have 2 kids who are growing as trials riders.

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michael bauer - pst vice president

My name is Michael Bauer. I’ve been riding street bikes for the last 27 years, with a few fits and starts here and there riding off road. In 2019, I made the leap and bought trail bikes for my oldest daughter and I. That was the gateway to Trials, which has intrigued me ever since I watched “On Any Sunday” when I was a kid. I attended the PST trials school in 2020 and I was immediately hooked. With such a great group of individuals involved in our club, I was more than happy to jump in and assist with activities outside of just riding the events. The journey over the last couple of years into the sport has been a wonderful experience.


As my day job, I’m a director for a healthcare management company. When I’m not involved in club activities, I play percussion with several local songwriters, take on a photography gig here and there, and spend time with my wife, Michelle, and two daughters Vienna and Savanna.


I look forward to helping make our club and our events the best they can be.

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Jim Neff - PST secretary

I rode a mountain bike every weekend for about 15 years, and then bought my first motorcycle at the age of 48.  I soon sold my trail bike and took up trials 13 years ago at the age of 50, and have never looked back.


Trials just seems to combine the best of all worlds for two-wheel sports: balance, agility, control and the thrill of doing what you thought looked impossible. And it is much safer than YouTube would have you believe.  The learning curve for incrementally improving your skills is just endless. I have now topped out at the Expert Support level and will hang on until I have to drop back.


I served as club president for four years and am now happy to return as Secretary.

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rob heagle - pst treasurer

Growing up in Canada I started riding motorcycles on a 1978 Honda XL70 and was hooked on anything with an engine and two wheels.  Over the years I've owned dozens of motorcycles both on and off road and travelled thousands of miles, but it wasn't until 2018 when I purchased my first trials bike and joined PST that I learned to appreciate low speed.  The goal was to improve my skills on difficult terrain and transfer that knowledge to riding single track enduro but found I really enjoy the trials community and the friendly competition. 


I currently compete in Sr. Intermediate class but aspire to ride Advanced.

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PST Advisory Board

lori taylor - community outreach

Lori Taylor has been an avid offroad rider since the early 1970s. Growing up riding the trails of western Washington led to over 20 years of competition, primarily in enduros and hare scrambles with some desert and ice racing in the mix.


She got into trials in late 2011 and enjoys the skill building, challenge and social aspects of the sport.  After a 29 year career as a mechanical engineer in the oil industry, the full-time wife, dog mom and motorcycle rider lifestyle is providing many smiles per mile.

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Keith Martinez - MEDIA DIRECTOR, Trials kits

I started riding trials in 2020 after years of solo long- distance road trips that have taken me to every US state (except Hawaii) and through much of Canada.  


Trials has been great fun and a constant opportunity to learn how to better control a motorcycle over difficult terrain. There is a large social aspect to the sport and I've met a lot of amazing people at club events. As I'm retired now, I have taken on the role of media director and I assemble the kits trials marshals use to set up an event.


On the road, I ride a BMW R1200RT. I chose a Montesa 4RT 260 as my first trials bike.


Jeff wilhelm - event Banners 

Well hello there! Jeff Wilhelm here. I was one of those "free range" kids in the 1970's who was told "be home for dinner". Throughout the decades of hiking, mountain biking, dirt biking and adventures, trials riding always called to me. And well, as you might guess, goes the story.

 I purchased the vintage bike I longed for as a kid, showed up at a PST event, and was welcomed more warmly than ANY motorcycle event before! The combination of nature,friendship and humble competition( who knew?) is SO enticing and fun!  A foot down or clean section will bring a collective "Oh Darn" or "Hooray" from EVERYONE!  

  Don't wait to wonder if you're ready;you are! As  part of the "officially unofficial" welcoming committee, I say welcome!   And as our adult children have left the nest, I don't think my wife Lisa and our Great Pyrenees Jake will be too worried if we're late for dinner!

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Ian griffin - DNR liaison, trials marshal 

My name is Ian Griffin. Originally from England. Have been in the USA since 1988.  I have competed in trials since 1980. I have owned many brands of bike but for the last 15+ years I've ridden a Sherco.


I have been a trials marshal for many events and helped out with coaching the lower class riders.


I live near Snohomish and help out at Tomahawk ridge when I can.





dan blagovich - Trials Marshal

Hi there, name is Dan Blagovich. I am retired and previously held the position of Vice President. I live in West Seattle with my wife Debbie and we have three grown children. A girl and two boys, and three grandkids. I started riding trials at age 14 for a couple of years on a 1973 Montesa Cota 247. Life happened and did not return to trials riding until 2001, and currently compete in the Senior Intermediate class. Somehow, oddly enough, retirement does not equate to more riding time. I stay busy serving in ministry, whether it be at our church, mentoring business owners, or coming alongside newlyweds.


It has been a great pleasure and blessing to serve on the PST board with the other officers, to share their passion and see the fruits of all our combined efforts. As we move forward, learning, stretching and growing, we highly value your input. If there is something you would like to see, please contact any one of us with ways you would like to participate in the journey.

Dean dorcas - Coaching, Trials Marshal

I started riding Mototrials at the age of 7 on a Yamaha TY80. Although my first ride lasted about 4 seconds before I crashed, I was hooked on the sport.  I started riding the Expert class at the age of 14 and in 1984 won the National High School Championship on a twin-shock Fantic. After that season I left the sport for 25 years.  In 2009 I had the opportunity to try out a modern era trials bike, and I was quickly hooked again.  It was like being 7 years old again, although this time I went a little longer than 4 seconds before crashing.  After riding a couple Advance Class events on a borrowed bike, I sold my Honda Interceptor, bought a Gas Gas, and got back into Mototrials.  I currently compete in the Expert Class.  


I enjoy riding with my youngest son Nathen - Intermediate, my brother Dale - Expert, and my father Wayne.  My oldest son, Branden, attends Western Washington University, and my wife Danene enjoys attending any 2-Day events that we go to.  My day job is as CEO of Easy Metrics, an employee analytics software company, and I recently served for six years as an Elder at our church.




other advisory board members

Matt Sutherlin

Will Giese

Dan Storch

Jason Gitchel

Vilnis Asars

Bill Thompson

Doug Ross

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