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Purchase a PST Annual Membership or an Event Ticket for the upcoming events below. There are no sign up booth at the events - participants must be pre-registered online. 

Puget Sound Trialers


The NW's premier trials club, we feature events all around WA state but are focused in the Puget Sound Area.


Motorcycle trials is an event where precision, balance, and coordination are key. It is a test of the riders focus through a section that has a series of obstacles and tight turns. Click here to learn more about Trials.  


We have exciting two day events that anyone of all ages can enter, if you are new to motorcycle trials, come to one of our events and check it out! Spectators are always welcome and can check everything out free of charge.

Come check us out, we guarantee you'll be hooked after you see what can really be done on two wheels!


New to trials? Click here for new rider information!

Next PST Event

PST #8 LW#6 NMA#4 
SAt, sep 23
gold bar, wa

Group Check

Little Wheels Riders Mtg 8:45am

Big Wheels Riders Mtg 10:15am

Spark Arrestor, Discover Pass, and ORV Tags are Required

Please bring signed waivers

Gate opens at 8am

Sat Sep 16, 2023 9:00 AM - Sun Sep 17, 2023 4:00 PM

Snohomish, WA

Ryan will cover each Trials technique from the essential fundamentals to the most advanced techniques that Trials and extreme Enduro riders use to win championships! < read more>

PST's Bill Thompson

Trials is great for all ages as Bill Thompson will explain in this video. This video is great for showing just how addicting and rewarding this sport can be at any rider level.

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