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Reiter is happening tomorrow!! (Saturday) I wanted to get a quick post on here to remind everyone and give some directions to the site. 


Start time of the event is at 9am, please arrive between 7:30am and 8:30am, we have to close a gate to the trials area after that per DNRs rules. We will be opening the gate every couple of hours to let people come and go though so don’t worry we won’t trap you in. If you miss a gate opening there is a parking lot you can park at and then ride up the gravel rode to the top. 


Same format as last Reiter event, Little Wheels start at 9am, Novice through intermediate ride in the AM, SR intermediate through expert ride in the afternoon.


Here are directions to the site,

The place the event is held at is really easy to get there, you can type in Reiter foothills in google maps and it will navigate you to the area or you can head on highway 2 going east and just past Goldbar you will turn left on Reiter road. Once your on the road it will curve to the right and then straighten back out, once you see it curve left stay straight to stay on Reiter road and head into the foothills area. You will stay on this road until you see Deer flats road which will be a left hand turn about a couple of miles down, the road will curve back and forth a bit before you get there.


Follow the gravel road all the way up to the gate where you will be let in to the event. You will need to arrive between 7:30 and 8:30am. We have to close the gate after that and will re open it every few hours. Once through the gate you will follow it up until the Y and stay to your right, there will also be PST signs showing you the way and should be yellow in color. 


You will need a discovery pass for this area. 


If you want to watch it’s free, if you want to ride it’s $25. Little Wheels is $10. 


If you get lost or have questions at all I can be reached at (425) 312-5526 or at

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